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 Community Location

Kibbutz of Hokuk, belonging to Emek Hayarden regional council, is located 4km northwest of Lake Kineret above the cliffs of Wadi Amud.

Traveling times: app. 30 min. from Karmiel, 25 min. from Zefat, 25 min from Jordan Valley, 35-40 min. from Afula, 40 min. from Nazareth, 35 min. from Kfar Tabor. 30 min. from Katzrin.

 General Information

Hokuk is a secular kibbutz of app. 100 families in expansion.

In the kibbutz: clinic, swimming pool, playground, grocery store. Currently a regional tourist center is being built to serve as a place for planning of trips/tours in the area.

Average ages: 20-40

Absorption Process: Reception committee + Keinan Institute of graphologist.

 Building in the Community

Expansions: The expansion offers models of varying sizes, 75-183 sqm on 0.5 dunam lots.

Renting in the kibbutz: There is an option of renting living quarters in the kibbutz.

 Education in the Community

Day Center - 0-3 year-olds are accommodated in the kibbutz's baby house.

Kindergarten - The kibbutz has a kindergarten for children in pre- and mandatory ages.

1st-6th Grades - are learning at "Nofey Arbel" Elementary School in kibbutz Genosar.

Junior-High - Learn at "Nofey Arbel" in kibbutz Genosar and "Beit Yerakh" in the Jordan Valley.

High School - learn at "Beit Yerakh" in the Jordan Valley.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Agriculture: chicken coop, bananas, mango, olives and field crops.

Industry: "Hokuk Mirrors", "Hokuk Industries" - plastic products.

Tourism: Village accommodation, "Hokuk Fort", parking lots at the Kineret.

Some of the kibbutz residents work for living at the nearby settlements of Tiberias, Rosh Pina, Zefat, Karmiel, Jordan Valley Factories, Jordan Valley kibbutzim, Afula, Kfar Tabor, Nazareth and Katzrin.


The kibbutz was founded in 1945 by the training corps of the PALMAH, graduates of "Mikveh Israel" agricultural school and Working Youth Movement graduates. In the course of time the kibbutz absorbed many immigrants from South America and French speaking countries in Europe and North America and Israeli born. The name is after the Biblical Hokuk.

Special Events: Building of the Tower & Wall structure currently serving as Culture & Education Center of the kibbutz.

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Rosa Lindborg      050-6715468


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