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Transportation in the North

The system of transportation existing in Israel today enables anyone to reach quickly and efficiently wherever he wants. The companies continue to upgrade their activities by improving the quality of buses and by shortening the traveling times and level of service.


Egged is the main operator of public transportation that constantly acts toward improvement of the service quality and cares for the welfare and safety of the passenger. Eged lines cover the whole country from Metula to Eilat.

The opening of "Hof Ha-Karmel Central Station" completes the process initiated in January 2002 with the opening of "Ha-Mifratz Central Station", which currently serves all the suburban and inter-city lines arriving from the north and the east. From now on all the lines entering Haifa and linking it to the southern stations begin and end at the new station located at the outskirts of the town. Here the passengers can take one of the twelve fast urban lines, some of which are new and some are existing lines whose course was extended.

The "Bat Galim Central Station" shall serve from now for passengers taking the lines passing along the Hagana Boulevard and as a starting and ending station of several urban lines.

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 Israel Railways

When we want to arrive in time, comfortably and safely to any destination - the solution lies in the using of the train as a means of public transportation that can relive the congestion on the roads, reduce the number of accidents and to improve the quality of life.

The speed and convenience of the train increased its popularity among the public of passengers, as more and more people select the train as the most efficient way to reach their destinations across Israel.

As a part of the Galilee Development Project resources are being allocated for the widening of the existing railroad grid and addition of new lines, which shall connect between all the important urban centers of the Galilee with the central region of the state. 

Projects in progress/planning:

* Doubling Motzkin-Nahariyya line.
Doubling the existing track between Motzkin and Nahariyya and improvement of the route south of Acco. Route length: 21 km.
Completion date: Fourth quarter of 2008.
Status: In progress.

* Acco - Karmiel line
Building of double track between Motzkin - Acco line to Karmiel including stations in Akhihud and Karmiel. Route length: 22 km.
Completion date: Fourth quarter of 2009.
Status: In detailed planning.

* The "Ha Emek" Rail
Building of passenger and cargo trail that shall connect the Valley Region (Afula, Beit-Shean) with Haifa and the center of the state, and establishment of Lev Hamifratz, Kfar Yehoshua, Kfar Baruch, Afula and Beit-Shean stations. Route length: 60 km.
Completion date: Fourth quarter of 2009.
Status: In detailed planning.

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The northern tip of Galilee is just 200 km from the center of the state. Developed transportation infrastructure is the leverage to transform Galilee into a prosperous economic, educational, social and cultural center.

Future projects:
Finishing the pavement of the northern part of Highway 6 (Hotze Israel) in both extensions: Yokneam-Shlomi and Yokneam - Northern Kineret - Kiryat Shmona. This road shall ease the access of Galilee residents to the center and vice verse. The Galilee Movement shall promote the improvement of the existing road grid and the transformation of the central traffic axes in the Galilee into double-lane roads.

Improvement of the existing Galilee roads and facilitation of the Hotze Israel highway paving.

operation of inter-city public transportation lines in all the settlement of the region.

 Landing Grounds

Existence of landing grounds for light planes puts the Galilee on the national business map. Addition of landing grounds in Kabri, Bar-Lev and Lavi, in addition to the existing ones in Makhanayim and Kiryat-Shmona shall enable access to the business centers.

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